Continuous Cast: Spheroidal Cast and Cast Iron

Continuous cast we supply as spheroidal cast and cast iron. Our continuous cast range and a comparison of technical characteristics you can find on the page continuous cast.

As an expert you know of course what continuous casting is but we want to explain the material for non-industry visitors. Continuous cast is a spezial method for the production of castings:

In a closed system a liquid-cooled die is built into the holding furnace so that the liquid metal enters the die without coming into contact with the atmosphere. Because the bar is pulled horizontally, the metal flows more uniformly and is always subjected to a much higher ferrostatic pressure than in sand castings. This, combined with rapid cooling in the die, ensures superior soundness, good surface finish and homogenous structure as well as excellent structural cohesion throughout the section.

As a result, the outside rim (periphery) is solid the moment it leaves the die and cooling system (which conforms the profile shape), while the core remains liquid. Due to the fast cooling, the periphery has very fine graphite in a predominant ferritic matrix with a high material cohesion; much higher than is obtained with sand casting.

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