Spheroidal Cast

Here are described to two kinds of contiunuous cast: spheroidal cast and cast iron (grey cast)

The higher quality material is spheroidal cast.

Cast iron (grey cast) with spheroidal graphite finish has great hardness, high tensile strength and good elongation.
A similar material to spheroidal cast was used 2000 years ago in China. An industrial production exists for 60 years.

Because of the spheroidal graphite the material has excellent material properties and it is used in a variety of products. Spheroidal cast has high strength while elasticity. Particularly spheroidal cast is used for products with high load. For less critical applications you use the continuous cast as cast iron ( grey cast ) because spheroidal cast ist the more expensive material of both.

A large proportion of the total spheroidal cast production is used in the automobil industry, to see for example in the following parts:

• axle beams

• crankshafts

• truck wheelspiders

• camshaft

• connecting rods

• swivel

• and much more…

You not only find spheroidal cast in vehicles but also in:

• water pipes

• gas lines

• turbine enclosures

• wind turbines

• cgricultural machinery

• compressors and pumps

• machine Tools

• etc.

Conclusion: spheroidal cast ist relatively inexpensive (compared to steel) to produce, has excellent material properties and is easy to handle.

The qualities that we supply, you see on the page „continuous cast“.

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